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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 DESIGN Comments Off on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Got milk?

Got milk?



Do you ever ride there and think, “Man, if only this aftermarket product were designed just a little bit better to kick in extra performance, durability or looks or maybe even all three?” Then why not go out and design it yourself. At the very least, write down those creative ideas once you climb out of the saddle.

Sure, it takes vision and follow-through to see a design all the way to market, but why not give it a shot.

How lucky we are to be in an industry where we’re all enthusiasts, passionate about what we do and support one another like a brother or sisterhood. You’d be surprised at the amount of encouragement and guidance that’s out there. Right off the bat, the two biggest resources for support of your project are the top dual sport forum websites: www.advrider.com and www.thumpertalk.com . Search the forums to start your endless trail of research. Putting time into the research gives you a leg up when it comes to knowing if someone else already had your great idea. Also, it’s good to know your competition. Then go ahead and post an idea for some feedback.

If this idea is the “next best thing” and you want to keep it under wraps, then tap into the patent search on www.uspto.com (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) to make sure you don’t step on any toes. Infringing on someone else’s design isn’t the best way to start off your new business endeavor. This free search is only an intro search, though, and should be followed up by a patent agent (more affordable than an attorney) who can give you an in-depth “Prior Art Search” to let you know about any possible design infringements.
Your patent agent will need tech drawings first to be able to describe your product in detail for the prior art search application. › Continue reading

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