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Livin’ the Dream: Grand Canyon Ride

Monday, November 2nd, 2009 RIDE REPORTS Comments Off on Livin’ the Dream: Grand Canyon Ride

nicole-zoom-red-rocks-fatty-crop_jeffThe load you carry at the beginning of an adventure ride is usually much bigger than the load you bring home. That’s because half the load is the stress of life that starts to melt away as soon as you make the decision to go. Yet, who influences that decision is usually significant others, family members or kids. Even if it takes permission to get out the door, It makes it that much harder to get that permission if no one understands the yearning of the adventure ride.

As a single mother, getting away for a week meant that I was going to need to pull some pretty big strings. This is why this week long solo trip looping the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles was such a big deal for me, even when my kids understood Mommy‘s yearning for adventure. I had to move heaven and Earth, so I could be plucked away from my busy daily routine that is easily likened to quicksand and the squeeze of demands from every direction.

It was time to set myself free.

So, there I was…free to yield to the whims of the road and whatever adventure rolled my way. This was me making my dream of designing aftermarket accessories come to fruition. This was me feeling independence and freedom at this point of my life. This was me feeding my soul. And, because I was feeding it on so many different levels, I began to see life and how I fit in it with a whole new perspective.

Having to rely solely upon myself for everything on this trip gave me the perspective of a new confidence that I brought back for my business and other areas of my life. That confidence gave me the belief in myself, so that I could be resourceful and have faith that I could get myself out of every tough situation that arose. › Continue reading

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