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Dual Sport Tool Kit Magic

Friday, April 24th, 2009 GEAR Comments Off on Dual Sport Tool Kit Magic

"Watch me pull a tire iron out of a hat."

"Watch me pull a tire iron out of a hat."

Tool kits are like health prevention … you don’t think about it until something’s broken.

Sometimes, when you’re a newbie and just getting started on rides you might be lucky enough to hook up with a group of riders with at least one guy or gal who’s been around the block, make that trail, when it comes to changing tires.

While watching him work his magic on the flat, you will probably find a well-rounded tool kit in this magician’s bag of tricks lying on the ground next to him.

A fine-tuned tool kit may take years to develop, especially for the singular needs of your bike. But, if you take some advice from the riders who have been servicing their own bikes in the field for a long time then you’re one step ahead of the game. › Continue reading

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