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Dualsporters are One Step Closer to a Balanced Life

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 HEALTH Comments Off on Dualsporters are One Step Closer to a Balanced Life

Nicole and baboon find balance.

Nicole and baboon find balance.

Our dual sport motorcycles already know what a balanced lifestyle means. They’re wired for both the hectic city life and soul-filling adventures in the wilderness. But, what about us? Do we know when enough’s enough from all of this info overload we call modern living?

Sure, it’s easy to say a balanced life is a healthy life, but how many can afford the time to practice what we preach.The question is how can we afford not to?

Let’s take a peek at the average Joe’s day to find the answer. We would probably find Joe popping meds in the morning to cope with the day ahead and mainlining technology through his various ports throughout the rest of his day at work. Being the average city guy, there are probably not enough hours in the day to meet his current obligations of work, family, home, Facebook, Tivo and his hairy little buddy Fido. Do you think any of these stressors affect Joe’s health? Without any form of stress release he could be in for some serious health trouble.

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Who Has the Dualsporter’s Back?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 HEALTH Comments Off on Who Has the Dualsporter’s Back?

A little adjustment gets you back on track!

A little adjustment gets you back on track!

First my arms whip the weight of the bike around as my body counters. Then my body struggles to right the bike after hitting a wicked rut. And finally, I stand on my pegs and my body sucks in the energy of the vibration of a jackhammer, while chattering back to camp on a corrugated fire road at the end of a long dualsporting day.
What do all of these body-torturous, yet fun, events have in common?

The sign of a worked back.

You don’t have to be in tip top shape to have fun on a dual sport, but, damn if having a strong back helps. No matter what shape your back is in at the time of the ride, though, your best friend at the end of the day is…yeah, you guessed it, your chiropractor.

Oh, I never would have believed I’d be saying this. Even after toughing out the tweaks on my spine and back muscles for years without thinking I needed one. But, since I recently started going to this miracle worker, my whole outlook on life has been affected by the alignment of my back.

Since seeing my golden-touch Santa Monica chiropractor, Magdy, not only has the flexibility of my back improved to handle the twists of off-roading, but, coupled with better posture and breathing, I am living more in the moment and enjoying the way my body is moving through daily activity.

I’m even sleeping better!

I don’t know about other chiropractors, but Magdy’s extensive expertise and gentle and proficient manipulation of the spine, including his Eastern knowledge of meridian energy flow, lends itself to be one incredible package deal. So if you’re lucky enough to live in the LA area, do yourself a favor after the wrecked havoc your dual sport puts on your back…give Magdy a call.

Learn more about the ins and outs of chiropractic medicine as well as the discovery of preventative medicine through wellness practices at the Advanced Chiropractic Center of Los Angeles website, a subsidiary of the Arbor Vitae Wellness Center in Santa Monica.

Dr. Magdy Guirguis
Doctor of Chiropractic
1821 Wilshire Blvd, STE 501
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Why not give yourself a little comfort after putting your back to the test with this Homedic heated massaging cushion with Shiatsu rollers that’ll fit on your car/truck seat from the Rugged Rider Store.

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