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Ara Gureghian: Hollywood Needs our Shining Star

Friday, July 8th, 2011 RIDING

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"The Phoenix Rises"


Your vote could save the future of our country. Quite literally. Here we have our very own brother adventure rider, Ara Gureghian, and his dog Spirit captured in a single poignant photo that could be the seed of inspiration for the next Ron Howard short film that he is developing with his daughter.

Ara’s black and white desert self portrait is a finalist for an inspired storyline in Ron’s new “Imagin8tion project”. This means that we have a shot at getting a story to screen that will fill the hearts of Americans and beyond and give them hope for their future. You see, Ara represents a rising Phoenix from the depths of the ashes. And with so many trying to climb out of the ashes these days, hope is the only life-saver around.

What is one of the fastest routes to the ashes in this case you may ask? I can attest that as a parent this answer is easy…losing a child. Try an only child. And in Ara’s case, how about a twenty-six year old son whom you’ve wrapped your future dreams into of co-owning and running an exciting restaurant together that is the culmination of a tight loving relationship and passion for food and life. All of it down the toilet and with it the will to live without this one person by his side, when the few words were uttered, “I have cancer.”

Since losing his son seven years ago, Ara has taken his life, BMW sidecar rig and his devoted dog, Spirit, to the road. This way of life hasn’t always been easy for Ara. Being at the whim of Mother Nature has both its perks and its challenges. As one gets older, the challenges become more and more like a test of sanity. Why, at age 62, would you put your body through camping in the snow without heat and luxuries? Or, find yourself stuck in a remote area of Timbuktu when your rig breaks down.

The answer is very simple…it is a calling.

Ara has answered this calling of taking to the road with grace, determination and loyalty. Through this journey and the shared insight and heartfelt self discoveries within his blog, www.oasisofmysoul.com , Ara has shed light on not only the dark recesses of his own mind, but those of thousands of others. His readers cling to his words that surface daily like boeys in a tumultuous and angry sea. These words have become their only hope when everything around them looks so dim.

If Ara can survive both the cards he has been dealt, as well as the cards he has dealt himself, then why can’t we?

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