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Welcome to Cud for the Mind

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 RIDING Comments Off on Welcome to Cud for the Mind

“I do some of my best thinking in my DRZ saddle.  Actually, the bigger thoughts get chewed over and over in my mind in between concentration on the trail. That’s the beauty about dual sporting…the freedom on the bike and the connection with nature gets you out of the mundane thought. So, toss out those cells, cubicle demands and grocery lists and hop on that bike, or at least join me in some dual sport thought chew.”

-Nicole Espinosa is the founder and blogger of Rugged Rider.

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Overland Expo 2011 Registration Open: Don’t Miss the Adventure

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 EVENTS Comments Off on Overland Expo 2011 Registration Open: Don’t Miss the Adventure

Saddleback Leather rig gets help setting up.

Saddleback Leather rig gets help setting up.

Rolling up to this event last year on Jack, my DRZ, had me drooling. I pulled in behind a procession of vendor overland vehicles chomping at the bit to set up their adventure wares. That was not the last time I had to put my tongue back in my mouth after ogling adventure vehicles that weekend.

As the following three days of inspiration, education and demonstration unfolded, this event, put together by Roseann Hanson of ConserVentures, proved to be the leader of the pack in the adventure travel industry.

The stellar quality of this show pulls in quality vendors, which include this year’s killer partnership of BMW and Rawhyde Adventures sponsoring a special motorcycle course that includes BMW motorcycles to demo. You can also add recovery and skills courses to your list of classes to enjoy after lining up the next adventure motorcycle for your stable.

The schedule of classes will be out in the fall, so come sign up for the Overland newsletter to stay apprised of the up-and-coming hot list of new and exciting classes. In the meantime, come sample some of last year’s smorgasbord of classes, while keeping your tongue in your mouth:

-Adventure Motorcycle Riding – Loaded

-Choosing & setting up an adventure motorcycle

-Tire Repair: Motorcycle

-Chain Repairs – Motorcycle

-Loading & Lashing: 2 Wheels

-Motorcycle Electrics: Setting up the extras

…and workshops:

-Packing and Packing Lists

-Overlanding without a fridge — can it be done? (coolers + moto)

-Overland cooking / Eating locally

-Food: Storage, preparation & local supply

-Capturing the Adventure: Overland Videography

-Documentation for international travel: The Carnet

-Overland wired: Staying online off-grid

-Capturing the Adventure: Overland Photography

If you are a vendor, the exhibitor spaces go fast, so you won’t want to take a long time in the decision process. I have already registered for my first vendor exhibit at OX11, and am so excited.

They open individual classes up early in the year around mid-January or so. Paid registrants receive notification and can select classes through the online system at that time.

The Overland Experience registrations will fill up, so getting a jump start on those are important if you want to be included in the driving, riding and special seminar courses from experts around the world.

The day passes are unlimited, so if you’re unfortunate enough to miss the Overland Experience registration then you can sign up for a day pass. You can see the difference between the package and the day pass here.

If you want to get a raw and fun look at OX10 from Dave Muson of Saddleback Leather, come check out his great YouTube video of the event. You can see Dave’s overland rig with some of his beautiful leather bags and luggage in the above photo. Don’t miss this adventure of the year! www.overlandexpo.com.

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My Motorcycle is My Home

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 RIDING Comments Off on My Motorcycle is My Home

"You can take my home, but you can't take my bike!"

"You can take my home, but you can't take my bike!"

I can make any place with four walls and a roof my sanctuary to nurture my family and work life. But, it’s my bike that I need for my sanity. That’s my connection to the glorious world of nature and adventure where I become one with my core and the earth. All it takes for me to recharge my batteries is the sight of my bike, Jack B. Nimble, packed for an adventure ride and then…

I know I’m home.

Who cares what this economy has heaped on me. It can’t take away what I hold most dear…my freedom and the ability to instill in my kids a lust for life. It’s that passion for life that really surfaces in me when I’m on my solo rides and pondering some of the deeper questions of existence. Specifically, have I learned some of the biggest lessons of my life? I actually think that my most recent lesson of letting go is my biggest one. Graduation from the schooling of that one seems to be knocking on my door. Not soon enough, or so it seems. But, then again I realize that it’s all playing out the way it is meant to for me to climb to the next level.

When contemplating the “climb” the other day, I had a revelation about how I am going to be successful in both work and daily life. It is going to be through my personal connections with people. It’s funny how I crave that, especially on my solo rides where the interpersonal stories or strangers living their own journeys is what’s most intriguing to me. Here we are thrown together on this Earth in various cultures and communities, and through international adventure rides or everyday interactions we can find that we are all one.

There are commonalities that just can’t tear us apart, no matter what wars are being projected on the news. Have you ever been a rider on one of those adventure rides out in the middle of nowhere and your bike breaks down? Ever needed any help beyond what your tools or mechanical expertise can reach? Isn’t it amazing how a stranger in a foreign land or a fellow ADV rider appears out of nowhere to lend a helping hand? How about the exchange of love and laughter between a rider and children in a third world country? It’s those priceless moments on the road that demonstrate that home is really where the bike goes in the journey of life. So the next time the bank says, “foreclosure”, I’ll answer, “You can take my home, but you just can’t take my bike!”

Like This!

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Overlanding and Inspiration

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 EVENTS Comments Off on Overlanding and Inspiration

"Let's kick this beemer into overdrive and get to Overland Expo, pronto!"

"Let's kick this beemer into overdrive and get to Overland Expo, pronto!"

Adventure riding is a lure for me in so many ways, especially, solo riding. To me, it has always been the journey that holds the growth of spirit without focus on the destination. It is the challenges that arise on every adventure and the connection with nature and people that whispers to me to hop on my bike to discover new land.

By exploring solo, I can quiet myself to feel the beauty around me that is so inspirational for the soul. This, in a nutshell, is called “overlanding”, which is the self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal.

Our industry has a new name that celebrates and inspires this very meaning of overlanding…the “Overland Expo”.

This exciting one-stop three day event, on April 16, 17 and 18,  is in its second year providing a large venue that is designed to educate and inspire people to get out and discover the world. Additionally, spreading awareness about conservation of our land is a key focus for Overland Expo director, Roseann Hanson. Roseann takes pride in presenting the first event that encompasses education, conservation, and inspiration, while getting familes and women involved in huge numbers. Last year, almost fifty percent of the attendees and instructors were women. Now that’s something to get excited about.

The 40 classes and workshops are a great way to grab that valuable hands-on education for safe adventure travel with off-road motorcycles and vehicles, while respecting the natural landscapes.

How can you resist class names like these:

  • Adventure Motorcycle Riding- Loaded
  • Choosing & setting up an adventure motorcycle
  • Tire Repair: Motorcycle
  • Chain Repairs: Motorcycle
  • Loading & Lashing: 2 Wheels
  • Motorcycle Electrics: Setting up the extras

…or workshops like these:

  • Packing and Packing Lists
  • Overlanding without a fridge — can it be done? (coolers + moto)
  • Overlanding cooking/Eating locally
  • Food: Storage, preparation & local supply
  • Capturing the Adventure: Overland Videography
  • Documentation for international travel: The Carnet
  • Overland Wired: Staying online off-grid
  • Capturing the Adventure: Overland Photography

With 65+ exhibitors like Wolfman, Black Dog Cycle Works and Rawhyde Adventures it’s sure to whet your whistle for adventure immediately. And, in  addition to the exhibitors and classes, you’ll find on-site camping and social opportunities like happy hours and a BBQ to kick things up a notch.

To round out the inspiration, there will be special guests guaranteed to set your adventure-loving spirit on fire. At the very least, you will really enjoy digging into these solo adventurists’ backgrounds, who will be three of the guest speakers:

  • Ara Gureghian: “Oasis of My Soul“, author of the most heart-felt solo adventurer’s blog; avid photographer; travelling partner to his adventurous pit bull, Spirit; and so much more.
  • Lois Pryce: “Lois on the Loose“, author of two incredibly adventurous books, “Lois On The Loose” which is her first book, telling the story of her ride from Alaska to Argentina, and according to the Sunday Telegraph, “it roars along at a breakneck pace, and is full of funny asides and snappy accounts”; and, “Red Tape & White Knuckles“, the book of her ride through Africa. “Lois Pryce knows what it takes to be a fun, fearless female. She rode solo from London to Cape Town, with the barest of essentials” –Cosmopolitan
  • Austin Vince: “Mondo Enduro“, author of “Mondo Enduro“, one of the first fully documented round-the-world adventure rides on unprecedented smaller sized bikes, 350cc’s, with virtually no riding experience; subject of two popular DVD’s: “Mondo Enduro” and “Terra Circa“. Vince’s best known quote, “Just go for it.”

The popularity of this amazing event is growing in monumental leaps and bounds, so you better act fast if you want to catch anything this year. In fact, full registration may be closed by the time you read this. They may have some day passess left or you can always plan for next year. Either way, you should take a peek at their trailer to help get you excited.

Adventure riding is a growth industry, so why not come out and get inspired…


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